IOT Workshops & Seminars

1 Day Internet of Things (IoT) Seminar at your college

While the software industry is losing jobs, in the area of IoT, it is Booming! Did you know, all software developers in USA are running after Internet of Things Training? The best companies of the world, Like IBM, Microsoft, Google etc are all heavily investing in developing IoT Infrastructure. This seminar is ideally suited for those colleges which aim to help their students become successful technology experts and bag the best jobs available.

If you are looking for a 1 Week detailed Workshop with practicals, click here - IoT Course for College Students.

Seminar Details

We organize these seminars on request by college authorities at their college. This is a one day Seminar, of seven hours and covers the basics of IoT, Arduino and sensors Programming. Students are expected to have a minimum knowledge of C programming at least. There is a one hour lunch break in the middle. To encourage students to be more innovative, there is also an open ideas session with small prizes.

This Seminar will give the students a solid platform to start learning and creating Apps on IoT. It also motivates them to develop a hunger for learning new technologies. We also provide certificates to the students which further helps them to procure good jobs.

Nikhil conducting seminar organized by IIT Kanpur in UEM
Nikhil conducting seminar organized by IIT Kanpur in UEM

Seminar Topics in brief

How much can you learn in one Day?
With the right teacher, the right techniques, and the right mindset, you can actually start building your own IoT Applications with just a 1 Day Training.

First Session: Deep Theory (3 Hours)

  • Introduction to IoT
  • Why is IoT Important
  • History of IoT
  • Age of Information - Data to Wisdom
  • Applications of IoT
  • Future of IoT
  • Technological Challenges
  • Preparing for Jobs
  • Criticisms and Threats

Second Session: Live Programming (3 Hours)

  • Definition of IoT
  • Architecture of IoT
  • Technologies Involved
  • Installation & Hello World
  • Sample Programs of Each Area
  • Arduino - LEDs
  • Arduino - Sensors
  • Arduino - Network Programming
  • Quizzes and QAs

About the Trainer.

Nikhil Narayan, the founder of IPEG Solutions has 12+ years experience in developing and training in different software technologies. He simply Loves to teach, and is famous as the best Trainer for programming in Eastern India. He was the first to have started PHP training in India, back in 2004 and the First to have started Android Training in india, back in 2009. He regularly provides corporate trainings on Web and Mobile technologies to several software companies, as well as educational organizations. Through years of research, he has devised a special technique of training that uses secret methods to bring out the hidden capabilities of a student and optimize his performance.


Pricings & Process

If you represent a college and would like to hold the seminar at your school, you can email us on to request for dates. The minimum cost for a seminar is about Rs.40,000/-. Our charges are Rs. 20,000/- per day plus travel (Airfare) and Accomodation for one person at least. Bookings must be made at least 7 days in advance and 50% of the fee needs to be paid upfront. If you are charging the students for the seminar, we do not take a part of that. The number of students can be chosen by you depending on the seminar hall size.