Seminar/Crash Course

Join the 1 Day Flutter Crash Course

Google made Flutter is easy to learn and easy to use! In just one day, you too can learn to create powerful apps for different Mobile platforms. Taught by Mr Som Sankar Naskar, a self made super successful programmer who is also the CTO of a major startup.

Crash Course Syllabus in brief

Module 1:

  • The current scenario in Mobile and Web App Development
  • Introduction to cross platform development with Flutter
  • History of Cross platform development
  • Understanding the role: Flutter App Developer

Module 2:

  • Setting up the Flutter Environment on Android Studio or VS Code.
  • Hello World App in Flutter
  • Understanding Layout Widgets
  • Understanding Stateless and Stateful Widgets
  • Cupertino and Material widgets
  • Networking in flutter
  • Creation of Weather App

Module 3:

  • Building UI for Short-Video App
  • Wire APIs with the UI
  • Fine Tuning the Short Video App Project
  • Further learning, Networking & QA

Seminar Info

Mobile applications are everywhere, if you are a programmer there is no reason why you should not be learning how to create mobile applications. Flutter is the leader among the cross platform development frameworks, and who can question the authority of Google? This one day workshop is a boon for busy software developers who want to take their career to the next level.

Seminar Pricings

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Mobile Application is huge and no software professional can afford to ignore this without spoiling their career. Highly experienced people working in MNCs are losing promotion opportunities due to lack of knowledge in Mobile Applications. This Seminar can help boost their careers.
Anybody with a passion to learn and with basic knowledge of computer at the least. Advanced programmers, and those already having exposure to android/ios development will benefit even more.
Yes, our online payment gateway, PayUMoney accepts all cards. It is very safe as it is used by BookMyShow, FoodPanda, SnapDeal, Myntra etc.
We plan to start at 10:00am. Please do not be late. Try to arrive by 9:30am and you will be safe. If you arrive late, it will cause inconvenience to everybody and is highly discouraged.
No, we will not cancel the Seminar just for heavy rains. However, in case of any natural disaster, or any unforseen serious problems, we reserve the rights to cancel and reschedule the seminar without prior notice. You will be given the option to get your money refunded Or attend on a different date/location.
Please carry any valid Govt. ID Proof with you. No other documents are required. You can bring a pen and notebook if you wish to take notes.

About the Instructor:

Mr Som Sankar Naskar, is an entrepreneur and CTO of a Major Startup. He has also given seminars on the IITs and top private colleges in the latest technologies like Flutter, Android, Machine Learning.