About Us

Our founder, Nikhil Narayan conducting a seminar

A Temple of Learning.

IPEG Solutions (Also known as FreshersIndia.com) is the most loved software training and development institution of India. We were the first institute in India to start PHP Training in 2004, the first in India to start Android Training in 2008 and also organized the first IOT Seminar in Kolkata in 2016. Our speciality is providing highly advanced training using secret techniques that make learning it very easy.

We believe that every human is unique, capable and special and can well learn the most advanced technologies if given the training in the right way. We specially choose the latest and most advanced technologies which can give you an advantage in the job market and help you create a good career. We have helped thousands of poor performers to turn into star performers and helped improve their lives drastically. Our students just Love us as much as we Love them.

Management Profile: Nikhil Narayan is the founder of IPEG Solutions. He is famous as the best Trainer for programming in Eastern India. He was the first to have started PHP training in India, back in 2004 and the First to have started Android Training in india, back in 2009. He regularly provides corporate trainings on Web and Mobile technologies to several software companies, as well as educational organizations. Through years of research, he has devised a special technique of training that uses secret methods to bring out the hidden capabilities of a student and optimize his performance.

Our Happy Students

Did you know, IPEG Solutions, also famous as FreshersIndia.com is the most loved institute in India? We have the happiest and most satisfied students, see the videos below to confirm. We challenge you to find an institute with similar student feedbacks! We love our students and they love us back!

We have helped thousands of students and professionals get a great job. See more Success Stories here: http://www.freshersindia.com/success_stories.jsp